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‘Mind Over Madness’ in Times Square ~ The June Solstice Bikram Yoga Class

20 Jun

We’re celebrating the sun, summer and creativity…

And what better place to celebrate than in Times Square – America’s center for energy, creativity, bright lights and over-the-top artistic expression.*

In its 10th year, Solstice in Times Square celebrated the longest day of the year under the summer sun. The yoga mat covered part of the Crossroads of the World was a canvas of cool calm, even as Rajashree Choudhury – Bikram’s wife, led a Bikram Yoga class that is usually practiced in 105F temps. Today it was in the high 90s but it felt like 110F.

As Rajashree said, “It’s a beautiful way to bring energy to the body. It’s refreshing, and natural healing at the same time.”

Enjoy this series of photos and quotes by Rajashree.

Click on the pics – they enlarge and look so much better!

Rajashree leading the class; her son and daughter are to the left

When I grew up in India, I practiced yoga on the green grass, in the nice breeze… I love the name (of the event) Mind Over Madness. It’s a rat race in our lives and nowhere can be moreso than in NYC’s Times Square. 

Times Square is the place that everyone talks about – it creates history, and every year it creates a New Year. At the same time we can create history together.

Yoga helps you go to the core of sensitivity, open up the consciousness, and waking up that (thought process) … really to me means self realization.

Rajashree recently told me that the pose above, Bow Pulling Pose, is one of her favourites as she is challenged by it.

I am lucky and honoured to have the opportunity to teach in Times Square. Also, second thing, is that this event – the way they are celebrating the proper unification of the sun and the moon – is all about yoga. 

Boredom is something we have to conquer in our own mind because a lot of times, in adults especially, we like to constantly change, change, change. In doing the change, we lose the concentration and focus…

Yoga helps us disconnect from the world and find something new.

I teach from the heart. I want people to really experience that because then you are very much true to yourself, because then you can never can betray your heart…The heart and mind have a connection together to make a conscious choice; then you are not blaming anybody.

The yoga speaks for itself.

The mind can be controlled… yoga has that power to bring the body and mind together to find happiness.  What’s the true meaning of yoga? That’s what my whole class concentrates on.



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